In the second part of our Cape Epic 2018 blog, Mark Kidd gives us his perspective on the 8 day, 650km mountain bike race across the unforgiving South African terrain. Similar to Rob's story, Mark had to face his own adversities while preparing for the event, but a truely 'Epic' [...]

The Diaphragm: Your Anatomical Kingmaker

Kingmaker – plays a strong role in determining the outcome for other players. If you asked any gym goer or athlete what is the most important muscle in their body, glutes would probably be mentioned or the Psoas (hip flexor). But now focus is shifting to the diaphragm. A muscle [...]

Groin Pain in Athletes: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Groin pain in athletes/recreational athletes is a very common complaint. The nature of the pain can vary hugely depending on the cause or mechanism of injury. For example, some will report pain with coughing and sneezing whereas others might only get pain after high intensity training. Your acute injury associated [...]