Online Physiotherapy

Are you experiencing muscle pain, discomfort in your joints or problems from being stuck on your laptop a home all day? Or do you have a current injury that requires continuous rehab? Our current lifestyle changes mean we all have to adapt to a new way of living. Just because you can’t come to us doesn’t mean we can’t help you! Our chartered physiotherapists are still available to diagnose, treat and offer advice.

Here at Dublin Sports Clinic we have developed an online physiotherapy service which offers you face to face consultation, injury diagnosis, self management treatment plan and rehab all from the comfort and safety of your own home.


  • We will set up an online private consultation where your physio will discuss your symptoms and diagnose your injury.
  • You will be asked to perform some basic exercises and movement patterns to assess the severity of your injury.
  • We will provide a diagnosis and a self management plan.
  • We will demonstrate with you your rehab exercises to ensure form is correct and you are comfortable with the movements.
  • A recording of your exercises and a copy of your treatment plan will be emailed to you after your appointment.
  • Do your homework!


Q. Is my injury suitable for an online consultation?

A. Most musculoskeletal injuries, aches and pains are suitable for online appointments. Through the various movements you will be asked to do, your consultant will determine the severity of your injury. We can advise you if your injury is going to need further investigation.

Q. How can a physio diagnose and treat my injury without touching me?

A. ”Hands-on” treatment is only a small portion of what our physios do to help treat the injury. The really effective side of physio treatment is rehab and strengthening exercises. In lieu of hands on treatment we will also show you self management techniques that you can use at home to provide relief. From there we design a progressive home video treatment plan.

Q. How do I book an appointment and how much is it?

A. Online consultations can booked directly through the clinic or call us on 01 551 7343. You will receive a personal link for your session to your email approximately 15 minutes before your appointment. A 40 minutes physio session is €60.

Q. Is it covered in my insurance policy?

All insurance companies and policies cover different services. As always, we recommend checking with your insurance provider and/or check your policy before making the appointment. Once your policy covers you for chartered physiotherapy appointments then you will be able to claim back for this service. We can provide a receipt for your insurance company where necessary.

For any further enquiries feel free to email or call us on 01 551 7343.