Staying on Track in December

Around Christmas time we have more work dinners, catch up with old friends, friends come home for the holidays and there’s a more family gatherings. The pints, the craic, the ceoil! (AKA more temptations). It’s not one solo night out that can knock you off course or ruin the progress you’ve made in your fitness or diet goals over the last few months. It’s the accumulation of nights out, the hundreds of extra calories we have on our hangover days, the difficulty in staying motivated to train the same amount before Christmas.

I thought it would be helpful to provide you with  some helpful ways to manage your nights out so you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. Or feeling like you’re back to square one come Jan 1st.

  • Calorie management – have a smaller breakfast and lunch if you know you’re going to be having a big Christmas night out
  • Have a plan for the day after a night out. What food is in the cupboard? Have food there to stop you heading out for a breakfast roll!
  • Choose fish instead of meat/poultry
  • Salads are tasty too – mix up what sides you choose
  • Manage your portion – Meals out are always far larger than you would normally eat. Be mindful of that
  • Drink water throughout the night – that’ll help the calories and the hangover (you’ll thank yourself in the morning!)
  • Sometimes choose drinks with fewer calories like a G&T (don’t mind if I do!)
  • Stay on top of your exercise routine (don’t let a bad hangover roll into a lazy 2/3 days)
  • It’s okay that you’re going to eat and drink more this Christmas, plan to balance this out by burning more – get out for a few walks
  • Focus on cardio, conditioning and aerobic types of training if you know you’re going to need the sweat! (running, spinning, HIIT classes, metabolic conditioning classes, KB classes etc.)
  • You don’t have to say yes to all the plans but if you do be sensible and enjoy!

Christmas Grinch over here, I know I know!!! We all deserve a break coming up to Christmas and to over indulge. My advice would be to think think ahead so you can enjoy guilt free.

Have a wonderful Christmas !