The NY marathon is quoted as being a “26.2 mile block party through the world’s most diverse city”.

I was one of 50,0000 people who lined up on the 5th November, to run this marathon. I was excited but also a bit apprehensive as I had picked up a calf injury a few weeks out and was nervous about whether my injured leg would hold the course. I was surrounded by people from all nationalities, and comforted to know that I wasn’t the only one with an injury, some of who were running this marathon for the 18th time. It had been over a year since I ran the Berlin marathon, and not having a great experience in Berlin, with temperatures above 22 degrees, my aim in NY was to enjoy the experience. For me, it was less about a PB, but more about regaining my confidence that I could comfortably get through a marathon. People had informed me that it was a “hilly marathon” and as such had a reputation for being a tough route. My strategy was to go out easy, and see how I felt.

Three weeks out from the NY marathon, I picked up an injury just below my calf muscle. Peter Mathews in the Dublin Sports Clinic developed a tailored rehabilitation plan, and with his great support and guidance not only did I make it to the start line, but had the strongest finish ever in a marathon.

Peter provided exercises that targeted the injured area, in addition to tailored sport massages. He accommodated me into his busy schedule within 2 days post the injury, which allowed me sufficient time to recover. This approach of treatment and optimal loading in rehab allowed me to start running a week after the incidence, which gave me enough time to not only sustain my fitness, but also regain my confidence in completing the 26.2 miles.

The weather in NY was perfect, 12 degrees with a light drizzle! The marathon started on Staten Island and took us through the 5 boroughs of NY (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx & Manhattan). I have never seen support like this in any other city marathon, each borough with its own theme and feel as the runners went by. It was incredible to run and see the skyline of NY city in the distance.  Even the toughest hills, (mile 15 – at Queensborrow) and mile 23 ( 5th Avenue), felt more like slow drags than actual hills. As the miles slipped by, I was gaining more confidence in not only my ability to finish the race, but to finish strong. This was exactly what I did. About 3 miles from the finish, I was able to increase my pace without maximal effort. The crowd support coming into the finish line at central park was just amazing.

I have also been attending strength and conditioning classes with Peter Matthews in DSC for over a year now, with the aim to make me a more efficient runner. But it wasn’t until I needed that extra push at the end, did I really feel it come to fruition. Without a doubt, this has made me a stronger runner in all aspects. My running form is better and I have the endurance to sustain the distance.

Completing this marathon was a major milestone for me, in so far as regaining my confidence in running the distance. NY was my 8th marathon and a fantastic experience – for anyone contemplating it I would certainly recommend it!

Blog by Rose Kidd, DSC Stalwart