Today is National Workplace Wellbeing day 2018.

In our fast paced, stressful city lives it has never been more important to draw our focus on the importance on health and wellbeing in the workplace, where we spend the majority of our waking week (unfortunately 😉).
It is brilliant that so many employers and companies are now realising the importance of placing a strong focus on the health of their employees. You can’t put a price on a strong, healthy, productive workforce! 💪🏽 Corporate conscience must acknowledge that if you are going to ask someone to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, the effect that this will have on their physical and mental health.

Sitting is the most underrated health threat of modern times”  Tim Rath; Eat, Move, Sleep.

Our bodies are amazing creations but they were NOT designed to sit down all day. Everything  from our foggy brains down to our stiff toes suffers. Our brains and bodies thrive on movement. Most importantly, exercise switches our brains on – improves cognitive function, ability to retain information and problem solve. It changes our mood and reduces the damaging effects of stress on our systems. Let’s not forget it is the number one treatment for depression for a reason!

It takes an hour of exercise to negate the effects of 8 hours of sitting – do you get an hour of movement into your day? Do you get involved in your work’s wellbeing program?
The old saying is that you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Work can have the most amazing wellness incentives but you can choose not to get involved. The responsibility for the health of your body is down to you. But that’s really what wellbeing and fitness is; a series of choices that we will make anyway on a daily basis; Do I walk to work or take the car? Do I snack on an apple or eat a bar of chocolate? Do I do the lunchtime yoga session or go have a burger? If your place of employment is making an investment in improving your health then choose to get involved.

We don’t think about it now but all these choices affect our long term health. All it requires is a little bit of effort on our part! But in the long run moving more every day and making better choices will give you many more days to move. So this workplace wellbeing day, get involved with whatever initiatives are happening in your workplace, whether it is a lunchtime walk or a fruit bowl replacing the Friday donuts. Collectively doing something together to improving physical and mental wellbeing and building a bit of camaraderie at the same time = awesome!

Mens sana in corpore sano’.

Have a great day!

Blog by Fiona Oppermann, Director of Dublin Sports Clinic.