Introducing DSC’s latest recruit, Ben Butler! Ben works for a multinational tech company and his role involves building out projects across Europe and North America . As part of the company’s wellness week last summer, Ben joined DSC’s Paul and Peter around Merrion Square for a running session. Not coming from a sporting background, he realised that he had a lot to gain from focusing on his health and fitness; especially considering his busy work schedule that often involves jetting off around the globe. Now Ben has linked up with DSC once again in 2018 to begin this fitness journey – to get stronger, more healthy and to move better. A hardworking tech professional looking to improve his lifestyle and physical health. Sound like you? Follow his journey over the next few months to see his progress…

It all started with a Facebook post.

We’ve a decent running culture in work, so our HR team had organised Pete and Paul to come into the office as part of Wellness Week to give us a running training session. However, although there was about 50 of us in the office at the time, I was the only person who had the holy trinity of 1) running gear 2) availability and 3) willingness to actually go on the run.

After a warmup and introduction, we took off towards Merrion Square. With the two guys flanking me either side, dressed in matching black outfits, I felt like I was out for a run with the secret service.

Now, I was not in good shape. However, I am very competitive. So, we’re out in the park doing intervals of sprints and jogging — and I’m dying. But I’m putting on a brave face: my copious caffeine intake and long legs are the only things keeping me in the game here. Pete and Paul are checking in with me all the time, and being super friendly. I continually ask open-ended questions in order to get to know them a little bit but, also — let’s be honest — an attempt to prevent them realising how out of breath I am.

[EXT. Merrion Square Park, a sunny Wednesday evening in May. A couple of laps into the interval training, Ben – flanked…

Posted by Ben Butler on Thursday, 4 May 2017

Flash forward a few months later, and I’ve had an incredible summer, travelling every couple of weeks. However, all that travel, food, and pints have added up — and I’m not in good shape. I’m 25, so I have youth on my side, but I had still gained weight and lost body composition. My energy levels were also pretty shot, and I was feeling generally sluggish.

I’d previously tried working with a personal trainer — which was great, yet fairly hefty price-wise. I’d also been a member at Flyefit — which was fine, but I had little motivation to keep it up. What I really needed was a sense of accountability and people to keep me on track. I needed sound advice, but I also wanted the people to be sound. Being close to work would also be a plus. With those things in mind, the answer very quickly was DSC! I reached out to Paul and the team, and I was in a class the very next day. Paul and I discussed my fitness goals, and identified things I needed to work on to get there.

So, here I am. Well, I guess I should really say ‘here we are’. This is my journey, but I hope you’ll join me. You’ll be hearing from me again soon!

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