In his second blog post, Ben discusses new year’s resolutions, training while on the move and how injury has been hampering his progress. Missed his first blog entry? Check it out here:

The journey comes to a stop.

I’m not really one for resolutions. It’s not that I’m up on some moral high ground, it’s more just that my willpower is pretty terrible. Beer tastes good, getting into an exercise routine is hard, and generally it’s way easier *not* to do things than to make the effort. I know this! A few months back, I gave a TEDx talk all about routines and habits: based off a pile of research I’ve done in this area. With that awareness, and with the knowledge that I’d be travelling for work, I worked with Paul and the DSC team come up with a plan that would keep me on track whether I was in the gym, out on the road, or in a hotel room somewhere. And still – still! My attempts at getting back into fitness hit a brick wall.

It was all going so well, too. I was getting into a rhythm with the classes – waking up super early for two morning classes. Feeling slightly smug, if I’m honest, coming into work at 8am having already done a workout. It was also the earliest I’d ever been into work. I was dropping in one evening a week for mobility, and I was out running three times a week. I was nailing it, and I felt great. Then, life got in the way.

I work for a San Francisco based tech company, and I had to travel to Seattle and San Francisco for a two week stint. I was on track for the first couple of days: taking advantage of the jetlag to get a gorgeous sunrise run, and using the home workouts in the hotel gym.

Soon, though, the reality of straddling two time zones, eating out constantly, and a packed conference schedule put paid to my efforts. Worse, when I got back home, I really struggled to adjust back to the time zone here, and my immune system took a hit. Compounding all that, I sprained my ankle walking home one evening, and was under doctor’s orders to rest up and avoid vigorous exercise. In some ways, I was delighted to get official medical instruction to stay horizontal, watch Netflix, and tuck into the selection boxes. But not ideal from a fitness perspective.

After the Christmas break, I popped into DSC to see William – one of the physios on the team. It was a bit embarrassing to explain to William, a guy who has worked with world-class athletes like the Munster Rugby team, that I sprained my ankle “walking home looking at Instagram and didn’t notice a dip in the path”. I should’ve come up with a cooler story, on reflection. Still though, William was great, checking the ankle out and giving me a great rehab programme for it.

Now, finally, after being out of action for almost all of December and January, I’m ready to start again. For those of you, like me, whose good intentions didn’t exactly go to plan – it’s not too late. If anything, the roads and gym will be empty now that most of those with New Year’s resolutions will have dropped off!

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